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11. Home  
News more News INTRO EN Klein & Jacob Experts for brilliant hot stamping foils A positive, premium-quality impression of packaging often makes the decisive buying incentive.…  
12. Stamping foils  
13. Coding Foils  
14. Special foils  
15. Art supplies  
Gilders Restorers Artists  
16. Brushes  
Water Color Brushes Water Color Brushes for Retouching  Liners  Script-Liners Acrylic Brushes  Oil Paint Brushes Poster Brushes  Mending Brushes Easel Brushes Cake…  
17. Pigments  
We offer an extensive variety of pigments – both very high quality as well as inexpensive pigments to be used in oil-, glue-, chalk- and dispersion-varnish and acrylic.  Please refer to our…  
18. Colors  
Schmincke HORADAM WATER COLORS  110 colors in large and small pans Talens Amsterdam, nun Van Gogh-Oilcolor 36 colors Schmincke Mussini finest artists' resin-oil-colors …  
19. Papers and Pads  
Genuine Japanese Paper acid free Different qualities for different uses – see our catalog. Sketching Papers Oil Painting Pads different sizes and paper qualities Pads for Acrylic Painting …  
20. Painting-Mediums and Varnishes  
Lascaux Lascaux Impasto Gel 2 Matte Lascaux Impasto Gel 1 Gloss Lascaux Medium Lascaux Transparent Lacquer 575  Lascaux Acrylic Transparent Lacquer 575 UV Lascaux Priming Medium Lascaux…  
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