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110 colors in large and small pans

Talens Amsterdam, nun Van Gogh-Oilcolor
36 colors

Schmincke Mussini
finest artists' resin-oil-colors
101 color tones offering the ultimate in brilliance and purity – 
including 64 single-pigment colors 
42 shades of exquisite translucent colors.

Lukas Studio – Finest Artists' Oil-Colors
43 colors

Lascaux Artists' Acrylic Colors 
54 colors

Lascaux Pearlacrylic
16 colors

Lascaux Studio
54 colors and further 8 brilliant Broncecolors

Lascaux Studio Paintbox
12 basic colors in bottles or little cans

Lascaux Studio Bronze 
Lascaux Studio Bronze Original is a range of brilliant bronze colours made from pure, non-oxidizing metallic bronze for use in design, decoration and architecture. This exclusive colour range consists of 8 tones.

Schmincke HORADAM Gouache 
finest artists' couache
48 pure, finest GOUACHE with best and genuine pigments

Lascaux Gouache
31 colors 
including gold and silver in bottles

Rowney-Eggtempera Restoring colors
27 shades

contains 6 Eggtemperacolors
as well as useful information


Talk is silver, writing is gold!

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