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We offer a variety of materials for artists. Also icon painters and hobby artists find an extensive and high-quality assortment.

Artists' Brushes

Water Color Brushes
Water Color Brushes for Retouching 
Acrylic Brushes 
Oil Paint Brushes
Poster Brushes 
Mending Brushes
Easel Brushes

Cake Brushes
Stencil Brushes
Brushes Bright
Fish Brushes
Fan Brushes 
Black Chinabristle Brushes
Bristle Brushes


We offer an extensive variety of pigments – both very high quality as well as inexpensive pigments to be used in oil-, glue-, chalk- and dispersion-varnish and acrylic. 
Please refer to our catalogue for all colors.


110 colors in large and small pans

Talens Amsterdam, nun Van Gogh-Oilcolor
36 colors

Schmincke Mussini
finest artists' resin-oil-colors
101 color tones offering the ultimate in brilliance and purity – 
including 64 single-pigment colors 
42 shades of exquisite translucent colors.

Lukas Studio – Finest Artists' Oil-Colors
43 colors

Lascaux Artists' Acrylic Colors 
54 colors

Lascaux Pearlacrylic
16 colors

Lascaux Studio
54 colors and further 8 brilliant Broncecolors

Lascaux Studio Paintbox
12 basic colors in bottles or little cans

Lascaux Studio Bronze 
Lascaux Studio Bronze Original is a range of brilliant bronze colours made from pure, non-oxidizing metallic bronze for use in design, decoration and architecture. This exclusive colour range consists of 8 tones.

Schmincke HORADAM Gouache 
finest artists' couache
48 pure, finest GOUACHE with best and genuine pigments

Lascaux Gouache
31 colors 
including gold and silver in bottles

Rowney-Eggtempera Restoring colors
27 shades

contains 6 Eggtemperacolors
as well as useful information

Papers and Pads

Genuine Japanese Paper
acid free
Different qualities for different uses – see our catalog.

Sketching Paper 
White for all dry techniques

White sketching paper, 1 side glued

Oil Painting Pads
different sizes and paper qualities

Pads for Acrylic Painting
different sizes and paper qualities

Water Color Pads
different sizes and paper qualities

Postcard Pads
back for address, white, smooth, acid-free

Painting-Mediums and Varnishes

Lascaux Impasto Gel 2 Matte
Lascaux Impasto Gel 1 Gloss
Lascaux Medium
Lascaux Transparent Lacquer 575 
Lascaux Acrylic Transparent Lacquer 575 UV
Lascaux Priming Medium
Lascaux Acrylic Medium D-498-M
Lascaux Delayer
Lascaux Thickener
Lascaux Uni-Primer
Lascaux Primer White
Lascaux Gesso White
Lascaux Plastic A
Lascaux Plastic B
Lascaux Acrylic Fixative

Picture Varnish 
Mastix Varnish
Matt Varnish 
Damar Varnish
Cracking Varnish
Aerosol Film gloss, satin, matt 
Cobalt Dryers 
Venetian Turpentine
Retouching Varnish

Casein Binding Medium

Products for Painters

Glas Grinder
Liquid Frisket
HORADAM empty set for water-colors
Plastic Palette
Wooden Palette oiled
Metal Palette 
Genuine Japanese Papers
Lascaux Brush Cleaner
Solvent for old Varnishes
Helios Cleaning Agent for Oil Paintings
Painting Spatulas
Stretcher Frames
Frame Nails
Pounce Wheels
Waxfree Transfer Paper 
Graphit Transfer Paper
Natural Tracing Paper
Brush Washer
Spray Diffuser, nickel plated, with hinge
Schminke Oxgall, cleaned

BOB ROSS Products
Odorless Thinner
Liquid White Oil Paint
Liquid Black Oil Paint
Liquid Clear Oil Paint
Gesso White 
Gesso Black 
Painting Knives
Acrylic Palettes
Oval and Foliage Brushes
Blender Brush
Fan Blender, Script Liner

Specific Literature for Artists (available only in German)

Ikonographie, Werkstoffe, Maltechnik
Ein Handbuch für den Kenner 
von K. und B. Kegelmann

Neues Handbuch der dekorativen Maltechniken 
von Annie Sloan – Kate Gwynn

Landschaften – Städte – Architektur 
Malen auf Reisen 
von Bernhard Vogel

Aquarell-Landschaften und Städte
von Gottfried Salzmann

Möbel restaurieren 
von Ellinor Schnaus

Oberflächenbehandlung alter Möbel 
von Ellinor Schnaus

Gestalten mit Farbe 
Neue Effekte für Wände, Böden, Möbel und mehr 
von Andrea Maflin

Das Handbuch der Acrylmalerei 
Materialien – Techniken – Beispiele und Übungen 
von Oliver Löhr, Kristina Schaper, Ute Zander

Alterungseffekte – Rost und Patina 
von Anna Galkina

Kremer Rezeptbuch-Pigmente


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