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41. Products for Restorers  
Cold Chalk Ground Powder Agatestones Bronces  Gilded Bronce Powder Painters' Gold Varnish for in- and outdoor  Painters' Gold Shell Polishing Paste Pigments Glas Grinder …  
42. Gilding Aid  
Anlegeöl Mixtion  »Original Lefranc« Synthetic Gold Size Glue Pen French Bole 'Lefranc' wet - red - yellow - black German Bole dry and wet - Piemont-red - Ligurien-yellow -…  
43. Tools for Gilders  
Agatestones Applicator for Gold Leaf on Rolls Application Set for Metal- and Aluminium Leaf Gilders knife Gilders cushion Clay sieve Poliment Brush  Horse Hair Fabric  
44. Brushes for Gilders  
Mending Brush Gilders' Brush (bright) China Mop Brush Bright  
45. Specific Literature for Gilders  
Vergolden  Das Arbeiten mit Blattgold von Hans Kellner Vergolden und Versilbern  Neue Trends und Techniken für dekoratives Wohnen  von Kerry Skinner Vergolden mit…  
46. LK Series - Digital Stamping Foil  
47. Specific Literature for Restorers  
Bemalte Fassaden Geschichte, Vorbild, Technik, Erneuerung von Baur-Heinold Werkstoffe und Techniken der Malerei  gekürzte Ausgabe von Wehlte Werkstoffe und Techniken der Malerei  …  
48. Brushes for Restorers  
Poster Brushes Mending Brushes Cake Brushes Stencil Brushes Brushes Bright Mottlers Badger Softener Floggers Black Chinabristle  
49. Thank you  
Thank you for your message. We will contact you as soon as possible.  
50. Foils for car licence plates and FUN plates  
NEW at Klein & Jacob
A matt pigment foil for car licence plates according to DIN 74069
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